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Enjoy this conversational Sudoku analyzer. This page serves as an example of an Ajax client-server process, which process could also be used for interactive pages on your web site. Read more.
Ajax / cgi-bin

What is Ajax? Briefly, it a process by which the browser can request specific information from the server at any time after the web page has been loaded. You can see, for example, how this page can analyze the sudoku grid and give a response without reloading or recreating a new page. The Sudoku Analyzer is also a good example of using an efficient cgi-bin binary process to perform a server-side task that would otherwise take too long. This binary logic performs its complicated sudoku analysis on the fast server, then sends a very small packet of information back to your computer, resulting in a quick response even with a slow internet connection.

What this means for your website is that you may employ an Ajax process to send data back and forth between the server and the visitor's browser, in dialogue fashion. A cgi-bin binary may be used to speed up a process that may be causing long delays and poor response times. Use both of these techniques with care, and only if there is a real need.

CyberJerry Sudoku is also available in a printed book
General Information

You know the simple Sudoku rules: Each row, column, and 3x3 square must contain the digits 1 through 9, in any order. This web page can be used to solve a Sudoku puzzle, to create a puzzle, and perhaps to learn a little about Sudoku, and improve one's Sudoku solving skills.

To solve a computer-generated Sudoku puzzle: Click "New Puzzle", then enter numbers into the blank cells to solve. Note that you can ask for help along the way, and that you can change the virtual pencilled (erasable) entries to ink (indelible, sort of) as you progress.

To create your own Sudoku puzzle: Just start entering numbers, and periodically click "Analyze" to see if you have a solvable puzzle (exactly one possible solution). Click "All->Granite" at that point, and then begin to solve your new puzzle.

Notice the '?' help buttons to explain each Control Panel function.

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 Solution step 
Select an unsolved cell at which to peek, then click 'OK'
Control Panel
Start with the "Read first" button.

Terms of Use
Personal use: In the spirit of open computing and an open internet, you may use the Sudoku Analyzer free of charge on an unlimited basis. Use it as much and as often as you like, and share it freely with your friends. If you enjoy it, please think kindly thoughts toward the author (me, Jerry DePyper). If you are a believer, let that include a little prayer of blessing.

Commercial use: (For example, to generate puzzles for publication) - If there is a monetary end involved, you really ought to share an appropriate portion of the gain with me, who have worked many long hours on this page. It's your conscience.

Special terms: To license this or other work of mine, to incorporate it into your own website, or for other custom work, let's talk about your goals and arrange terms to our mutual benefit.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions, suggestions, comments, bug reports, contributions, etc.


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