Now you've done it!

I can't imagine how you've stumbled upon my obscure little website in the remote hinterlands of cyberspace. That's about as likely as stumbling across me personally in the mountainous hinterlands of central Nicaragua. Quite amazing. Yet, here I am, in a barrio just south of Jinotega, and here you are, looking at my simple landing page.

Well, as long as you're here, you may as well have a look around. Who knows? You might see something that interests you somewhere in these web pages. The original idea was for this site to be a sort of message in a bottle, to drum up some independent web development business. It has morphed into a random collection of web pages and ideas as I have been moved by whim to create.

My personal favorite is the Sudoku Analyzer page, which, in my humble opinion, is the best Sudoku puzzle analyzer on the web. Or check out the Seconds Calculators to calculate the number of seconds between two dates (including leap seconds). In the interest of minimizing language barriers, look at the cute pan-language wordless game. It's a real game with rules and strategy, but no textual instructions; see if you can figure out how it is played. And if you need a very accurate calculator, try the BigCalc page.

Perhaps you have come here in search of the former landing page entitled "How to make a website", or maybe even my original home page or "About" page, in which I make a stronger sales pitch for my web development business. The content of those pages is still applicable, and I would be happy to work with you in creating or customizing your own website.

You might even be looking for one or more of the old Dogpatch pages, formerly hosted by BMI. They now have their own folder right here at their CyberJerry home.


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